Article Submissions

After reviewing our guidelines below, please email submissions to

An editor will review all submissions and contact authors directly if interested in working with you. Please note that due to the large amount of submissions we receive, we cannot respond personally to all queries. We no longer accept mailed submissions.

With very few exceptions, we do not publish material that has already been published in print or online. If your submission has been published already, please detail exactly where and when. If this is a simultaneous submission, please note. Once your submission is approved for publication by an In These Times editor, exclusivity going forward is assumed. Exceptions are occasionally approved by the editor.

Some submissions may be rejected for publication in the magazine, but ideal for publication on We have a limited budget for web-only stories, and are particularly interested in those that will fit on our workers' rights blog, Working In These Times.

Please include a phone number where you can be reached with your submission. Thanks in advance for submitting your work to In These Times.



We are looking for feature articles that combine original on-the-ground reporting with solid analysis. We are particularly interested in investigative stories that uncover governmental or corporate abuses of power. Feature articles run between 1,200 and 3,800 words in length. Please do not submit articles longer than the maximum word length.


This section of the magazine is dedicated to coverage and analysis of social movements and progressive strategies. As always, we are particularly interested in covering campaigns and movements that have received little or no attention in the mainstream press. We seek the following types of stories:

-Roundtable discussions with three or four experts (these may be a mix of activists, workers, professionals, academics, wetc.). This feature runs approximately 1,200 words in length and does not necessarily need a time peg, but should highlight differing perspectives or debates within movements (e.g., environmental, labor or Occupy movements).

-Short features (800–1,200 words). We prefer stories about local campaigns that have broader implications--we are looking primarily for reporting or commentary on important developments or questions of strategy within movements. For this feature, we are more likely to run independent reporting than field reports from organizers involved in a particular campaign.

-Short accounts (400-500 words) of an organizing victory (legislative, labor, electoral, anti-corporate, etc.) overlooked by the national mainstream press.


Each issue of the magazine includes "In Person," our two-page approximately 1,400-word (including 175-275 word intro) Q & A feature with someone—a writer, activist, artist—doing interesting work. Past subjects have included Junot Diaz, Ian MacKaye, Gore Vidal, Dave Zirin, Afrika Bambaataa and Barbara Ehrenreich.


In our culture section, we publish 800-to-1,200-word book, film, music and TV reviews, and a 1,200-word backpage essay that comments upon or finds humor in some dimension of contemporary life. We usually review books that are forthcoming.


Our workers' rights blog, Working In These Times, covers workers' struggles in America and beyond. We're looking for reporting on and analysis of under-reported workplace struggles, whether workers are unionized, unionizing, or fighting wage theft, occupational hazards and other exploitative treatment. Potential pieces for Working In These Times should be between 500 and 1,000 words (longer pieces are occasionally published), and emailed directly to our Web Editor Sarah Lazare at sarah at inthesetimes dot com, with a subject line beginning "Working ITT pitch."